Navigating high risk environments in challenging times requires investigative expertise to reveal the information and assess the risk, allowing for preemptive, as opposed to reactive decision making. Much time is invested in preparing for the “crashing wave” and little time gathering the intelligence to avoid and prevent losses; the cost of doing something often pales, comparatively, to the price of doing nothing. Solution Six:8 has the background and investigative experience to get below the surface, and uncover critical information, while navigating treacherous waters in challenging times.


SOLUTION SIX:8 Provides high level services to law firms, corporations, general counsel and individuals. We draw on expertise from decades of federal and local law enforcement experience domestically and internationally. While conducting professional investigations with the highest degree of integrity, utilizing modern day techniques and data sources, we do so while providing “old school” direct personal service. At SOLUTION SIX:8 we deliver accurate on time reporting that demonstrates integrity and due diligence beyond reproach, and security services that protect the individual, their loved ones, and assets.